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      Ajrakh print sarees, originating from the Kutch region of Gujarat, are renowned for their exquisite hand-block printed designs and vibrant colors. These timeless pieces are celebrated for their intricate embroidery and the use of natural dyes, making them perfect for any occasion.

      The ajrakh block printing technique is a cherished tradition passed down through generations, carefully preserved and enhanced by skilled artisans. This art form not only represents the rich cultural heritage of Gujarat and Rajasthan but also reflects the unwavering dedication of the craftsmen behind each saree. Creating an ajrakh saree is an elaborate process that involves multiple stages of dyeing and printing using natural dyes. The artists carefully create detailed designs onto wooden blocks. These blocks are then dipped in natural dyes and stamped onto the fabric, creating the beautiful and long-lasting colors that make ajrakh sarees so special.

      Ajrakh print sarees embody the timeless artistry and cultural significance of the region, making them a truly special addition to any wardrobe. With their captivating patterns and hues, these handcrafted masterpieces are a testament to the skill and artistry of the craftsmen who continue to keep this tradition alive.

      At Myposhaakh, we celebrate the timeless beauty of original Ajrakh sarees. When you wear one of our ajrakh sarees, you're not just wearing a piece of fashion – you're embracing a centuries-old legacy. Our ajrakh sarees beautifully blend traditional and contemporary designs, perfect for adding elegance to weddings, parties, and festive occasions.


      Block Printing: Ajrakh sarees are special because they are made using wooden blocks with very detailed designs. The beautiful patterns on Ajrakh sarees show how skilled and careful the artisans are when they use this traditional method to print them.

      Natural Dyes: Ajrakh sarees get their lovely colors like deep blue, bright red, and warm yellow from natural dyes made from plants and minerals. These colors make the fabric look lively and colorful, and they stay bright for a long time.

      Geometric Patterns: Ajrakh patterns are known for their geometric shapes like squares, triangles, and diamonds, carefully arranged in a balanced way. These repeated designs on the fabric display the skill and creativity of Ajrakh printing.

      Fabric Quality: Crafted from natural fabrics like cotton and silk, ajrakh sarees offer a soft, breathable, luxurious, and comfortable quality. Ajrakh fabric is renowned for its intricate designs and vibrant colors, making each saree a true work of art. The natural fibers ensure that each saree is as pleasant to wear as it is beautiful to behold. If you're looking for a saree that combines elegance, comfort, and cultural heritage, ajrakh fabric is the perfect choice.


      Ajrakh print sarees are trendy among Indian women. They are known for their detailed designs and traditional patterns. These sarees are made using a special printing technique called ajrakh printing. It's a complicated way of printing using hand-carved blocks and natural dyes, which makes the fabrics not only beautiful but also full of history and tradition.


      Ajrakh cotton sarees, made of 100% breathable cotton, are popular for their traditional workmanship. These are suitable for daily wear, perfect for hot weather, and will keep you cool throughout the day. The vibrant colours of Ajrakh printing make these sarees perfect for festive events, giving a touch of elegance to your wardrobe.


      Ajrakh pure silk sarees combine traditional hand-block printing with the smooth elegance of silk, creating a beautiful blend. The natural dye printing technique on the silky fabric creates a striking contrast, making the colors pop and the sarees truly eye-catching. Perfect for those who love the beautiful intricacies in their clothing, these sarees are a standout choice.


      Ajrakh Modal silk sarees, Crafted from eco-friendly and luxurious modal silk, these sarees feature timeless Ajrakh hand-block printing, seamlessly blending traditional artistry with modern elegance. Modal silk, derived from beechwood pulp, offers a soft, breathable, and opulent drape, making it a comfortable yet stylish alternative to traditional silk. The Ajrakh Modal Silk Saree is a must-have addition to your collection.


      Ajrakh Dola silk sarees, made of exquisite Dola silk, are a tribute to India's ancient textile traditions. These sarees, with their distinctive woven pattern and colourful designs inspired by traditional Indian themes, are an eye-catching and luxurious complement to any wardrobe.


      Ajrakh Dola silk sarees, made of magnificent Dola silk, are a tribute to India's ancient textile traditions. These sarees, with their distinctive woven pattern and colourful designs inspired by traditional Indian themes, are an eye-catching and luxurious complement to any wardrobe. Chanderi silk, known for its soft drape and lustrous sheen, is made from pure mulberry silk or synthetic fibers, creating a delicate and luxurious fabric. The use of natural dyes in Ajrakh printing results in a unique and vibrant colour palette, making each saree a true work of art.

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