Explore the latest collection of Bandhani sarees online at Myposhaakh. Originating from Gujarat and Rajasthan in India, our Modal silk Ajrakh Bandhani sarees are renowned for their intricate designs, fabrics, and distinctive dyeing techniques. Versatile and timeless, these Bandhani sarees are suitable for both casual gatherings and grand festivities.

      Ajrakh is a thousand year old art performed by ‘ khatri” community from kutch, Gujrat. It’s a multistage printing process completed in 14-21 steps and only natural colors are used in dyeing and printing process. Bandhni is a thousand year old art performed in Rajasthan and Gujrat, Its a tie & dye process in which we make small knots to make pattern and then we dye the fabric. Bandhej is another name for Bandhani. Gujarat is presently home to numerous centres for the production of bandhanis.It is still commonly used in western India and is the earliest known form of tie-dying. kind of tie-dye fabric that has been printed with numerous tiny bindings that create a figurative pattern by plucking the fabric under the fingernails. Gujarat is the state from where bandhani originated. Renowned locations for producing world-class Bandhej sarees include Jaipur, Bhilwara, Udaipur, Bikaner, Ajmeer, and Jamnagar, Gujarat. The khatri community was made by the saree. Depending on how the fabric is tied, additional tying methods include mothra, ekdali, and shikari. Various terms are used to refer to the finished products, such as ghar, chola, patori, khombi, and chandrakhani.

      Types of Bandhej Bandhani Sarees

      Ajrakh bandhani modal silk saree: This type of saree is made from modal silk, which is a type of fabric that is made from beech wood pulp. It is known for its soft and smooth texture. The Ajrakh Bandhani Modal Silk saree is a stunning example of traditional Indian textile artistry. It combines two separate techniques: Ajrakh printing, which is noted for its elaborate geometric designs and rich natural dyes, and Bandhani, a tie-dye procedure that produces small, colourful dots called 'bandhas.' This saree displays elegance and sophistication, thanks to its beautiful Modal Silk fabric, which is known for its softness and gloss. Each piece is skillfully made by experienced artisans to reflect centuries of history and cultural heritage. The end product is a stunning blend of workmanship and beauty, reflecting the essence of Indian textile heritage in a timeless and magnificent garment.

      Bandhani modal silk saree: This type of saree is made from modal silk and cotton. It is known for its lightweight and breathable properties. The Bandhani Modal Silk Saree reflects the rich tradition of Indian textile workmanship. It combines two sophisticated techniques: Bandhani, which produces bright tie-dye patterns by plucking the fabric and firmly binding it before dyeing, and Modal Silk, which is known for its luxurious texture and shiny appearance. These sarees feature a stunning interplay of colours and designs, with each dot and pattern showcasing the artist's talent and originality. Bandhani Modal Silk sarees are sought-after apparel for weddings, festivals, and special occasions, evoking the timeless appeal and cultural significance of Indian textiles while providing comfort and grace to the wearer.

      Ajrakh bandhani saree: This type of saree is made from cotton and features ajrakh prints. Ajrakh is a type of resist printing that is done using natural dyes. Ajrakh Bandhani sarees combine two ancient Indian textile arts: Ajrakh printing and Bandhani tie-dyeing. These sarees, which originate in Gujarat and Rajasthan, include exquisite block-printed motifs in rich natural dyes, as well as modest, detailed tie-dye patterns. Their signature designs combine geometric shapes, floral patterns, and classical motifs, all meticulously made by experienced artisans. Each saree conveys a tale about cultural heritage and workmanship, with motifs that frequently represent elements of nature, mythology, or local traditions. Ajrakh Bandhani sarees are more than just clothing; they are wonderful works of art, valued for their beauty and cultural significance.

      How to care for Bandhej bandhani sarees

      To maintain the beautiful designs and delicate fabric of Bandhej Bandhani sarees, they must be handled with care. The following is a guide:

      • Hand washing; Hand wash the saree with a mild detergent in cold water. To prevent colour bleeding, avoid soaking for a long period of time.

      • Avoid direct sunlight: To keep the colours from fading, dry the saree in the shade. Direct sunshine may also harm the fragile fabric.

      • Separate storage: Bandhej Bandhani sarees should be stored separately to prevent hooking or interfering with other clothing. To protect them from dust and insects, place them in cotton or muslin cloth bags.

      • Avoid Ironing: If necessary, iron the saree on low heat, preferably on the reverse side, to avoid damaging the perfect designs.

      • Professional cleaning: For tough stains or thorough cleaning, contact a professional dry cleaning service that is familiar with delicate materials and traditional dyeing procedures.

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