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      Ajrakh Printed Dupatta 

      The art of Ajrakh printing can be traced back to the 16th-century ancestors who migrated to India from Sindh, bringing with them the craft of printing. Adorning the muted backdrop of the Kachchh desert, the vibrant hues of Ajrakh textiles stand out magnificently. Ajrakh print or Ajrakh block printing is a practice imbued with diverse meanings. According to local lore, Ajrakh is believed to signify “aaj rakh,” translating to "keep it today." It is also connected to "azrakh," an Arabic term for indigo, referencing the blue plant that flourished in the arid Kachchh ecology until the 1956 earthquake devastated the region, including Bhuj, Dhamadka, and other towns. In the aftermath of this calamity, the Khatri community was united, leading to the establishment of a new village, Ajrakhpur, dedicated to the revival of their craft and livelihoods. Presently, Khatris reside and craft Ajrakh textiles in both Ajrakhpur and other villages.

      Ajrakh Printed Modal Silk Dupatta

      Ajrakh modal silk dupattas combine the rich tradition of Ajrakh block printing with the luxurious feel of modal silk. Adorned with intricate patterns, Ajrakh is a unique block-printed textile. Modal silk, a soft and breathable rayon fabric made from cellulose fibers, drapes beautifully and offers year-round comfort with its subtle sheen that adds elegance. These dupattas create eye-catching outfits, perfect for special events. Drape them over a kurta for a festive look, pair them with a plain dress for a touch of tradition, or even use them as a scarf for a pop of color. The vibrant colors, intricate designs, and luxurious fabric make Ajrakh modal silk dupattas ideal for weddings, parties, or any special occasion.

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