Kosa Tussar Silk Saree

      Kosa silk or tussar silk weaving is a thousand year old art form of weaving in Indian civilization. Beautifully curated finest handloom kosa  tussar silk saris from our Chhattisgarh  weaving cluster. These saris come with authentic silk mark certificate. You definitely love these pure handloom tussar silk saree, light, comfortable and luxurious sarees for wedding, festivals wear.

      Tussar silk sarees

      Tussar silk sarees are woven wonders that will ethnify you with a contemporary touch. Made with high-quality tussar cloth. This fabric sparkles on the outside while making you feel cozy on the inside because of its soft, breathable nature. So, it's ideal to stay in your comfort zone throughout protracted gatherings.

      Add stunning hand embroidery to your blouse to highlight your beauty while wearing this appealing weave piece. Half-sleeve blouses go well with it. Giving it a lot of draperies increases your appeal even further. 

      If you are a beautiful young diva who wants to shine in style but also needs a touch of tradition? Then Tussar silks are perfect for your style. You can wear it and spread affection during the long-awaited family reunion.

      Dress yourself in enthrallment and enchant the entire gathering with your captivating beauty. Tussar silks are a must-have in any woman's wardrobe to dress up for any unexpected incidents and unforeseen occasions, allowing them to slay the party even if they weren't planned. Trust us, this provides you a picture-perfect view of situations like that. Why are you still waiting? Your perfect choice is just a few clicks away; shop online and get this fantastic piece of weave today!

      Kosa tussar silk sarees

      Kosa tussar silk sarees are manufactured from the silk of the tussar moths. The tussar moth is a natural insect that lives in India, China, and Japan. The silk produced by the tussar moth is prized for its strength, durability, and natural luster.

      Kosa tussar silk sarees are mostly produced in India's states of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and Jharkhand. The sarees are hand-woven using traditional processes. Sarees are typically embroidered with complex designs and patterns.
      Kosa tussar silk sarees are popular for their beauty, elegance, and comfort. The sarees are soft and lightweight, making them perfect for warm weather. The sarees are also quite durable, making them a great choice.

      Kosa tussar silk sarees come in a range of colours and patterns. Sarees come in both classic and contemporary designs. The sarees are also available in a number of pricing levels, making them affordable to a wide spectrum of individuals.

      If you want a gorgeous, stylish, and comfy sarees, a kosa tussar silk sarees area perfect choice. The sarees are sure to catch everyone's attention and make you feel confident and gorgeous.

      What is special about Kosa silk?

      Breathable: Kosa tussar silk is a natural fiber that is well-breathable. This makes it great for hotter weather since it keeps you cool and comfy.

      Durable: Kosa tussar silk is a very durable fabric. This means that your saree can last for many years, even with frequent use.

      Soft: Kosa tussar silk is a very soft fabric. This makes it pleasant to wear for lengthy periods of time.

      Elegant: Kosa tussar silk sarees are renowned for their beauty and elegance. Sarees are generally embellished with complex motifs and patterns, making them ideal for special events. A kosa tussar silk saree is an excellent choice if you want to wear something both attractive and useful.

      Tips to Identify Authentic Tussar Sarees

      Texture and Feel 

      Tussar silk has a coarser texture than other silk kinds, giving it a distinct feel. Run your fingertips over the tussar silk cloth to determine its texture. Pure Tussar silk is a bit rougher than other silks.

      Natural Imperfections

      Pure Tussar silk sarees typically have inherent flaws and blemishes. Check for variances in the weave. These faults are common to handwoven Tussar sarees.

      Sheen and Lustre

      Tussar silk has a natural gold luster that is extremely valuable. Hold the saree up to the light to see the luster. Pure Tussar silk sarees will have a soft, natural radiance.

      Check the Weave

      Tussar silk sarees are handwoven, and the weave is usually irregular. Examine the saree attentively for subtle variances in the weaving that indicate it was manufactured by hand.

      Colour Variation

      Tussar silk sarees are often in natural tones with an irregular colour pattern. Genuine Tussar sarees may have small colour variations, which adds to their appeal.

      Burn Test

      To do a burn test, use a little piece of cloth. Real Tussar silk emits a burning hair-like smell, and the ash is light and fluffy.

      Silk Mark

      The Silk Mark is a certification that guarantees the authenticity of silk items. This insignia, however, may not appear on all legitimate silk articles.

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