Pen Kalamkari


      Pen Kalamkari Saree

      Pen Kalamkari saree is a hand-painted saree manufactured in Srikalahasti, Andhra Pradesh, India. The term "kalamkari" is derived from the Persian words "kalam" (pen) and "kari" (craft), 

      Pen Kalamkari sarees are manufactured in a traditional 17-step procedure. The first step is to soak the cloth in a combination of buffalo milk and astringent for several days to make it stiff. The cloth is then hand-painted with natural colours using a pen made of bamboo or date palm sticks. The patterns are often influenced by Hindu mythology, environment, and rural life.

      After the painting is completed, the saree is cleaned and dried. The next step is to apply a coating of gum to the saree, which protects the colours and gives it a shiny finish.

      Pen Kalamkari sarees are recognised for their bright colours and elaborate motifs. They are a popular choice for special occasions, like weddings and festivals. 

      How to identify a kalamkari saree?

      Smeared paint, uneven lines, and minor stains are typically indicative of Pen Kalamkari sarees. With vegetable dyes, kalamkari sarees are created with natural colour. Kalamkari sarees' beauty is derived from their real appearance.

      Natural dyes. Kalamkari sarees are made using natural dyes, which give them a subtle and muted look. Chemical dyes, on the other hand, are brighter and more vibrant.

      Check the fabric: Kalamkari sarees are typically made from cotton or silk. The fabric should be soft and smooth, and it should have a slightly faded look.

      Check for irregularities. Kalamkari sarees are hand-painted, so there will be some irregularities in the design. Screen-printed sarees, on the other hand, will be perfectly uniform.

      What are the colours of kalamkari?

      Red, blue, green, and brown are the colour tones of Kalamkari sarees. mainly employing yellow, red, and indigo. Indigo dye is a secondary colour that can be used to create green by dying yellow parts.  

      Types of Kalamkari Sarees for Every Occasion

      Kalamkari Silk Sarees: This striking saree was created in an abstract design and features hand-drawn Kalamkari work made with natural dyes from Srikalahasti, Andhra Pradesh.

      Kalamkari Cotton Sarees: This is such a pretty and flowing saree. A gorgeous khaadi pattern with a golden zari stripe adorns this saree border.

      Kalamkari Printed Sarees: Indian traditional kalamkari printed sarees are made with hand-painted or block-painted designs made using natural dyes. Natural sources of dyes include iron rust, pomegranate, madder root, indigo, and turmeric. 

      Difference between Pen Kalamkari and Kalamkari Sarees

      Kalamkari sarees and pen kalamkari are not the same.Pen Kalamkari creates designs with a pen and ink. It takes longer to create as well. Designs for pen Kalamkari are frequently influenced by everyday objects, nature, and Hindu mythology. One kind of hand-painted cloth art is called kalamkari. Usually, natural dyes are used on cotton or silk fabrics. patterns utilised in more complex and elaborate patterns. 

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