Patteda Anchu

      Patteda Anchu sarees are belongs to KARNATAKA and the weaving is belongs to 10th centuries.Patteda anchu sarees are handwoven from the handloom hub of Gajendragarh, Karnataka. The villages in and around the hub are equipped with hand weaving this exquisite cotton saree which has godly significance as it is offered to their local deity on auspicious occasions. This traditional saree has been revived with special features like the reversible nature of the saree and the specially engineered border which is already coarse and does not require additional fall or beading to be done, making this a ready to drape saree

      Patteda Anchu saree

      Cotton cloth is used to create the Patteda Anchu saree, a type of handloom saree. Other names for this saree are Devaru saree, laxmi saree, dundina saree and  pooja saree. The Patteda Anchu saree has a basic pattern with plain, large, tiny checks, and striped designs with large borders. The colours of these sarees were created using natural dyes. All age groups of women can wear Patteda Anchu sarees for casual or everyday use. 

      History and Origin


      The Patteda Anchu saree originated in the 10th century in Gajendragarh village, Gadag district, Karnataka. It took 45 days to weave the saree and was initially presented as a gift to temple dancers. Before marriage, the saree is presented to the community's deity, goddess Yellamma Saundatti, and then worn by the bride.

      Materials and Weaving Process

      Patteda Anju saree is composed of a very eco-friendly cotton material.Usually, Patteda Anju sarees come in two varieties: 

      • Patteda Anju plain cotton saree

      • Patteda Anju check cotton saree

      The colour palette often includes mustard, pink, and green. The colour combinations commonly used are impressive, such as blue-black, black-red, magenta-yellow, purple-yellow, red-mustard, brown-purple, and green-purple.

      Caring for Patteda Anchu Sarees

      Caring Patteda Anju sarees is very important. There are few tips how to maintain the saree properly;

      • Highly suggested for a dry cleaning

      • Only use cold water when washing fabrics at home, and wash light and dark-coloured materials separately. 

      • Avoid bleaching or soaking the cloth.

      • Avoid brushing or lashing a cotton saree.

      • Make sure to wash with a gentle, high-quality detergent.

      • Cloth can be ironed and steam-pressed on a medium-low heat. 

      • To prevent the saree from wrinkling, use padded hangers. 

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