Handmade Clamp Dyed-Ajrakh Modal Silk Saree

      Colors are just like a celebration of life. with our RANGREZ collection, we are adding some splash of colors to your wardrobe which tickle the bright and vibrant side of yours. This collection beautifully made with the love of two different crafts artisans will give a unique feel. soft and premium touch of modal silk and goodness of natural colors gives you a royal and luxurious feel for every occasion.

      clamp dyeing  is a age old technique  of dyeing in which we create pattern by folding the fabric in a pattern and create resistance with the wooden clamps and then we dye the fabric in the required colors. This craft need high precision and skills.

      Ajrakh is a thousand year old art performed by ‘ khatri” community from kutch, Gujrat. It’s a multistage printing process completed in 14-21 steps and only natural colors are used in dyeing and printing process.