Kalamkari Dupatta


      Cotton Kalamkari Dupatta

      Cotton Kalamkari Dupattas are bright pieces of Indian textile art. It's made of soft, breathable cotton with complex designs and motifs that have been hand-painted or block-printed with natural dye. These images frequently portray legendary stories or scenes from nature. The lightness of the dupatta, along with the softness of cotton, makes it excellent for warmer weather. Cotton Kalamkari Dupatta adds a touch of cultural flair to any ethnic attire.

      Silk Kalamkari Dupatta

      Silk Kalamkari Dupattas are stylish variations on a traditional Indian art style. They are made of silky, glossy silk and have hand-painted or block-printed designs in natural colours to highlight Kalamkari workmanship. These detailed motifs may reflect mythological stories, natural scenery, or floral patterns. Compared to cotton variants, Silk Kalamkari Dupattas have a richer drape and a more elegant feel, making them ideal for special occasions or adding a touch of perfection to any outfit.

      Tussar Silk Kalamkari Dupatta

      Tussar is a type of Silk that is knfor its unique shine, texture, and durability. Tussar silk which is also called Kajaori silk, is a popular type of silk produced in India. It is known for its softness, lightweight, and durability. 

      Kalamkari Dupatta For Half Saree and Lehenga

       Kalamkari dupatta is a traditional Indian handicraft, also known as sand art embroidery. It is a popular choice for half sarees and lehengas due to its intricate designs and vibrant colours. These dupattas are often made with silk or cotton fabric and feature delicate patterns created using the sand dyeing technique. This technique involves making small holes in the fabric and filling them with a sand and dye mixture to create detailed designs. The resulting dupattas are both beautiful and durable, making them a popular choice for Indian weddings and other special occasions. Myposhaakh offers tussar silk and cotton dupattas with the best price. Dress up your half-saree or lehenga with our hand-painted Kalamkari dupattas made from luxurious Tussar silk or breathable cotton. 

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