Modal Silk


      Modal Silk Saree

      Modal silk sarees are a popular choice for Indian weddings and other formal events. Modal silk, a natural fibre made from wood pulp, is known for its shine and softness when compared to other materials. Modal silk sarees are lightweight and comfortable to wear, and they maintain colour well. When purchasing a modal silk saree, look for high-quality fabric with a bright and consistent colour.

      Types of Modal silk sarees

      Modal silk sarees are offered in a variety of colours, patterns, and styles. Some popular styles are embroidered sarees, Ajrakh patterned sarees, plain modal silk sarees, and pure modal silk sarees. These sarees can be worn for a variety of occasions, including casual. They can be recognized by the weaving or printing methods used on the fabric. Here are some popular designs for modal silk sarees;

      Block printed Modal Silk Saree: This is a classic method that involves carving expanded motifs into wooden blocks and dipping them in dye. The blocks are then pressed repeatedly onto the fabric, resulting in a repeating pattern. Block printed modal silk sarees are noted for their vivid colours and complex motifs.

      Ajrakh printed Modal Silk Saree: Ajrakh is a type of block printing that originated in the Kutch region of Gujarat, India. Ajrakh modal silk sarees are often designed with geometric motifs and natural colours like indigo and madder. 

      Handloom Modal Silk Saree: Handloom modal silk sarees are made on traditional looms by expert workers. These sarees are identified by their unique textures and imperfections, which add to their beauty and charm.

      Ikat Modal Silk Saree: Ikat is a dyeing process in which the threads are tie-dyed prior to being woven into the cloth. This results in a blurred or hazy appearance on the end output. Ikat modal silk sarees are renowned for their unique and beautiful motifs. 

      Pure Modal Silk Saree: As the name implies, a pure modal silk saree is made entirely of modal fabric. This makes the saree extremely soft and light, ideal for hot summer days. Pure modal silk sarees are less prevalent than blended modal silk sarees due to modal fabric's lack of structure and drape. However, some weavers make pure modal silk sarees for people who like softness. 

      Plain Modal Silk Saree: Plain modal silk sarees contain a single colour with no designs or ornamentation. The richness of the cloth is what lends these sarees their beauty. They are flexible and can be dressed up or down based on the occasion. Plain modal silk sarees are ideal for individuals who prefer a basic and beautiful look. 

      What is the difference between Dola silk and modal silk

      Modal silk is known for its silky texture and draping properties; it is extremely soft and comfortable to wear. It's a cellulose fibre made from the beach trees. The cellulose harvested from beach trees is hand spun into a beautiful modal silk fabric. The modal silk saree is more expensive, and the procedure is labour-intensive. The combination of modal silk with soft lightweight fabric produces the Ajrakh modal silk saree, which is rich, inventive, and visually appealing. Dola silk is a fabric manufactured from the fibres of the Dola plant. The fabric is noted for its softness, durability, and clear design. Dola silk is a polyester-silk thread combination that provides great strength and an ideal texture. The difference between modal and Dola silk: Modal silk derived from beech tree pulp, is soft, silky, and breathable, resembling real silk but less expensive and easier to maintain. Dola silk, a traditional Indian fabric, is rich and lustrous with a thicker texture; it is commonly used in saris and formal wear because of its luxurious appearance.

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